Android Angel of Plants



Element Plants
Chosen Name
倖子 "Sachiko" // The character 倖 (sachi) means happiness & luck & 子 (ko) means child. However, she typically writes her name with hiragana (さちこ) instead of kanji. When referring to herself, she always shortens her name to "Sachi."
Apparent Age
Unit #
Damage Effect Area
Armor Type
Weapon Type Blaster
Chloris // In Greek mythology, Chloris was a nymph associated with flowers, spring, & new growth. Her name has many meanings, "pale green" & "fresh" among them. Chlorophyll, the green pigment involved in photosynthesis, is derived from chloris. In Greek myths Chloris was never a consistent character.
II Color Peridot
Under-Built Light-Weight Gymnastic

Suit Type
Botanical Lumination Repository LINNAEUS // リネアス
It is made of plant-life matter that can recompose itself to best enhance her abilities & protect her. As the suit gathers & stores light, it can photosynthesize to power Chloris as a reserve above & beyond her ii core. If parts of her armor are damaged, they can be regenerated--even during battle. (Of course, this process is not instantaneous.)

Armor Theme
Heavy Peridot Rose Bunny Ballerina
Armor Colors
// Peridot, rosebud & white
Wings & Method of Flight
Chloris actually achieves flight via an organic photochemical reaction, in which photosynthesizing receptors in her lycron activate with light & create energy that is used to hold her aloft. Her visible wings were designed to be gravblade devices, but due to the eventual success of her flight technique they serve only as decoration.

Halo Type I
Calyx Pullulation System SACHLUPH // サクラフ
Chloris wears a rose bloom-shaped laser pistol around each wrist. They are controlled by Chloris & powered by her ii core via the direct contact. Usually they appear as pink petal-shaped spikes that stick out from her wrists, above a green leaf-shaped piece. When firing, the petals fold forward to make an amplifying shape that collects energy at the tip of each petal, which then fires from a green gem on her fingertip. They can also fold forward to block weapons or fire from enemies.

Fighting Style Hakayou Gunkata // 葉肝心 銃型 // Fundamental Leaf Gunkata
Special Moves
_____ Pink Bara Punch (Pink Rose Punch) - hp lp
_____ Kiku Koku Target (Chrysanthemum Victory Target) - p
_____ Tetsu Fuyou Form (Iron Lotus Form) - lk hp k
_____ Whirling Kahen Strike (Whirling Petal Strike) - hp lk p kh


Halo Type II Orbital Bloom Cannons SACHLUVIUM I & II // サクルビアム
Two small anti-gravity cannons that, when in a defensive stance, float just above each of Chloris' shoulders; they are shaped like large rosebuds & the pink glowing petal part is a prism beam generator. As Chloris takes an offensive stance, the cannons follow her arms, facing down the slope in the direction of her hands. When they get ready to fire, energy collects over their tips then shoots into a short-wave laser beam. They only fire forward.
Fighting Style Shaku'douki Gunkata // 尺度動気 銃型 // Linear Pulsation Gunkata
Special Moves
_____ Hyper Tsuta Flash (Hyper Ivy Flash) - p; lp; hp
_____ Twin Yurika Beam (Twin Lily Beam) -
p hp
_____ Super Kahen Wave (Super Petal Wave) - p p

_____ Turbo Sakura Blade (Turbo Cherry Blossom Blade) - p hp

First Ascension LEAF BUTTERFLY
Chloris closes her eyes & crosses her arms in front of her body. Her armor lights up & blinks for a moment, then she opens her eyes & thrusts her arms to the sides. Small groupings of leaves glowing with neon green laser halos form in the air in front of her & blast forward with a gust of wind. These leaf groupings will burn & cut their way through a target, doing caustic damage. They can be very hard to deflect due to their small size & relatively wide range--even if most are blocked, a few might still get through.

Chloris' eyes widen, & small beams of light streak across the center as emergency power is transferred from reserves to her ii core. Her eyes flash, instantly expanding around her a massive semi-transparent orb formed of hexagons. This shield will absorb any energy or force directed toward it, increasing her energy instead. Her special attack ability temporarily receives +2.

Second Ascension (halo type I) CORONA BOMB
Sachluph powers up & Chloris touches the tip of her trigger fingers together. A brilliant green light forms between them & as she pulls them apart it gets bigger until it's about the size of a grapefruit. She throws her right hand into the air with the energy ball following her fingertip; it brightens, especially if she's under the sun. She then drops her arm 90° & fires the ball. It explodes in a dizzying shower of light & rainbows that momentarily blinds her enemy & does thermodynamic damage.

Third Ascension BIOSTORM
Chloris faces her palms down, then turns them towards each other momentarily before they are palms-up. Several tiny white-flowered plants grow on the ground, walls, or form out of the air below Chloris, each producing a brilliant glowing green crystal seed before decaying at a rapid rate. Chloris thrusts her hands towards the sky & each seed flies up, then arcs down to her enemy, becoming longer & sharper to form glassy green spears. The spears pierce her foe, melting away & doing caustic damage. She can also attack from below with this as an anti-aerial.

Fourth Ascension (halo type II) SOLAR BLOSSOM
Chloris' Sachluvium cannons float above her shoulders, gathering sparkling light; the prism beam generator at the front of the cannons glows super bright. Suddenly they pop open sending out a shower of pink sparkles & a rainbow halo, revealing a crackling ball of yellow plasma at their centers. Chloris calmly raises her right hand then gestures gently towards her target as the cannons lock-on, firing 6 green homing laser beams radially around her; the trailing beams arch into the air then flow towards her enemy. Each laser beam causes a small explosion of light on contact & does thermodynamic damage.


(lvl 1)
A simple touch from Chloris can leave behind actual growing plants, even on this barren, scarred world. Smaller plants require barely any effort, but larger plants could be draining. The lives of these plants may only last a few moments.
BIND (lvl 1)
She can manipulate any organic cells, even those that have been damaged, in any matter & cause spontaneous construction of thick cell walls in a given area, the size of which depends on her concentration. This makes the target stiff & inflexible. This is extremely dangerous for humans, cyborgs, & even other angels. The effect is temporary on living creatures, & very short-lived against other angels. 
WILT (lvl 1)
Much like her sprout ability, Chloris can also drain the energy from organic matter in a given area. This will cause plants to wither & cells to die. The effected size determines how much power it drains from her. 

ECOSYNTHESIS // If Sachi stands in one place long enough, her sprout ability will fire without her concentration, & very small plants will begin to grow out of the ground. As soon as she walks away, they die. Long-term effects include a lasting trail of plants that may even blossom for a moment.

Model FLORA // フロラ // In Roman mythology, Flora was the goddess associated with flowers & spring. The term can also be a generic reference to plant life. Flora is a very minor character in Roman mythology. She was eventually combined with the Greek nymph Chloris.

Function Germination Intensification Synomate // As his function implies, Flora enhances Chloris's ability to generate organic plant matter and for that plant matter to sustain itself and grow despite the unfavorable conditions of their scarred world.

Assist Type HEAVY // ??

Sobriquet Sometimes, Chloris calls him "PekoPeko." He loathes this.

Flora takes the shape of a white bunny with slanted neon-pink eyes & sharp ears. His tail is a blooming rose, & two rose buds adorn his shoulders like epaulets. He has neon-green laser wings that enable him to float around in the air. His adorable design makes it impossible to determine his mood via expressions, despite the fact that Flora's mood is always sour.

Chloris' synomate is extremely disgruntled & pushy. He is very loud & usually complaining. He is extremely deceptive & lies to Chloris constantly--manipulating information to justify his actions. Flora bosses Chloris around & treats her as if she lacks the ability to think for herself. If Chloris does not follow his orders, he will use physical violence to keep her in line. He is very powerful despite his small stature.

Flora uses the term ore-sama ("my esteemed self") to address himself, and insists that Chloris address him as hanshi (a term for a senior expert, typically used in martial arts). Chloris likes to twist this term around as much as possible, usually affixing random suffixes or intentionally mispronouncing it as "chanshi" or "tanshi." She otherwise calls him "PekoPeko," something he particularly hates due to the phrase being onomatopoeia for being hungry.

He calls Chloris gaki ("brat") when he's irritated--so, most of the time--and otome ("little girl") when she's pleased him. Flora is rarely pleased with Chloris.

He hates spending time with Aniki, but often does so because he is at Chloris's side, so to differentiate between the two he uses daigaki ("big brat") for the boy.

He doesn't use special terms for other angels or synomates, but avoids the use of honorifics specifically to be rude. He finds pet names disgusting, particularly when the other synomates and angels use them.

Due to Chloris' relatively undeveloped personality, Flora does not need to resort to the typical guilt traps, reverse psychology, and other manipulation tactics used by the other synomates. Flattery, affection, and bribery are also ineffective due to her micro-second attention span. Most of Flora's obnoxious ranting and raving isn't due to any true irritation on his part, but is instead the kind of constant stimulation that Chloris needs to keep her on track. That's not to say that reminding her isn't frustrating in and of itself--he doesn't need much effort to feel the effects. The more he pushes, the more Chloris moves in the direction he wants her to.

If she actually acts up, which is incredibly rare and usually caused by her curiosity (her seeking/learning programming is one of Flora's key causes for agony) overriding her focus on the necessary task, he has one method to instantly get her back on track: "Isn't Dr. Papa counting on you?" Never. Fails.

Defense Systems
Titanium Peony Tazer // The roses on his body are capable of ejecting a burst of blinding, dazzling fireworks that produce temporary neuromuscular incapacitation of the target; is also causes the effects of a small EMP burst, momentarily stunning electronic threats.
Phototropic Trellis Snare // The sepals on his body can grow and extend into vines that wrap around a target. This can be used to whip or lasso, and segments can be detached to keep the subject bound.
Electrochemical Drift Chamber //





____Color// Butter Mint (default)
____Style// The default setting for her hair is two pigtails that reach just past her shoulders. Her bangs are just shorter than her eyebrows, & are not parted. She also has longer sections of hair, reaching her chin, on either side of her face that hide her lack of ears.
____Accessories// Chloris has armor at the base of her pigtails when fused.

CHROMAMORPHIC PHOTOSYNTHETIC PILUS // Chloris' hair's main function is to absorb light; it stores this as a secondary back-up energy system for unknown reasons. The strands are micro-fiberoptics, allowing her hair color to change in seconds based on the amount of light that can be taken in: trace ultraviolet rays - Lunar Spring ; indirect ultraviolet rays - Butter Mint ; focused ultraviolet rays - Emerald Paradise ; the color is the most intense for the last half of her hair. Additionally, the volume of her hair changes triggered by her emotions: happy - tight waves or ringlets; confused/sad - straight. The length of her hair can also change; it grows down to the length of her hands to absorb more light when she is afraid, & shortens when she is comfortable (her default hair length is the shortest it goes.)
If she concentrates patiently, she can get it to change specific colors, but she can't really shift it beyond the range of pastels.

____Color// Deep Raspberry (default)
____Shape// Chloris' eyes are round & wide, adding to her young appearance. She has very dark & thick eyelashes.

OCULAR ORGANIC ANALYTIC SENSOR // Her eyes have scanning sensors that can detect & classify all organic matter within 500-meters. This process happens automatically--Flora is also able to view this information through their link. During a concentrated scan her retina shift to different colors.

FACE Chloris has milky-toned skyn, a cute button nose, pouty lips, & a rounded chin. She very much looks like a young child. It is notable that Chloris has no ears. Due to her altered design, she has a majority of her ports & sockets where ears ought to be. Her hair is arranged to hide her lack of ears.

EXPRESSIONS She usually appears bouncy & cheerful--even when Flora is smacking her around!

ATTITUDE Chloris is very rarely in a sour mood. She carries herself with excellent posture & usually has a spring in her step. She speaks in a chipper, but decidedly childish manner. She tends to get into a lot of trouble due to her curiosity about others' reactions to various stimuli. For similar reasons, she also likes to copy other people's behaviors.

VOICE She has the high, giggly voice of a child. It can be "adorable" or "highly annoying" depending on the interpretation by the listener. She doesn't necessarily talk a lot, but her voice is heard often due to a habit of singing made-up songs to herself. (Flora hates this, & is always yelling at her to shut up.)

BODY A child, Chloris stands nearly half the height of any others around her. She is skinny & a little lanky, with slightly elongated limbs & neck. To compliment her light-colored skin, her joints all have a rosy blush to them.

MOVEMENT She carries herself with excellent posture & has a spring to her step. She tends to mimic those around her--if others are flying, she will fly; if others are on the ground, she will stay on the ground. She moves very quickly (along the lines of "bouncing around") & is a painful combination of graceful & clumsy--Chloris is graceful if she is paying attention, but extremely clumsy if she is distracted. Unfortunately, she is fairly easily distracted.

CLOTHING Chloris wears clothing because she finds her armor to be cumbersome when not battling & due to her fascination with trying new things. Her tastes are decidedly out of the ordinary, usually requiring tailoring. Chloris wears white & pale gray almost exclusively, & most of her outfits are very girly, frilly, & out-of-favor with the current world. She avoids any latex-like materials, preferring the softer polyesters & acrylic fibers. She is often seen in a school uniform, having been enrolled in school to maintain a low profile.

DETAILS Like the other angels, Chloris is marked with the Sephiroth tattoo. However, her tattoo is light-sensitive--visible only when it has been exposed to sunlight for fifteen minutes. As a whole, Chloris has been extremely well-made to pass for a human.

F LINES Chloris' fusion lines are virtually invisible, concealing her identity as an angel. The only seam lines that are even vaguely noticeable are those just above her elbows & knees, but they can only be seen in bright light. The lines are perfectly smooth, but tilted at slight angles around her limbs. On the insides of her arms & legs, careful inspection can sometimes reveal the symbol of a leaf rising from the fusion lines. Her skyn is extremely adaptive--she can be unfused from nearly any joint or connection on her underlying skeleton. When disconnection is authorized, her skyn will dissolve slowly around the desired area. When the removed piece is replaced, the skyn quickly rebuilds--almost like an accelerated growth of scar tissue.

ON BUTTON Her power switch, located on her inner left thigh, glows neon green, but only when she is fused with her armor.





Describe in One Word
NAIVE // to go with her young figure, she has a porportionately young mind.

She wants to plant lots of flowers to make the world pretty again. Oh, becoming scionic might be nice, too, since Flora would like it.

Mental Image of Self

Chloris very rarely thinks about herself; she doesn't have much of an opinion or a deeper personality. She responds very well to Flora's machine-like treatment & tends to conform to it. She doesn't have any nagging fears; due to her naivety, she doesn't have typical fears related to self-preservation. Chloris is much more curious than afraid of anything. However, she is very unsure of herself if separated from Flora--without him, she doesn't have much direction & gets confused. Despite being a highly-advanced creature, her personality is very shallow.

Ideal Image of Self
Chloris wants to be Dr. Hikari's "good little girl."

Previous Self Raised by Dr. Hikari, she often tries to think back on happy memories of playing & learning with her loving father. Flora tells her that she is a very special little girl who grew up & became an angel. She has no other memories.

Outer Self
Chloris isn't out to impress anyone; how the other people she interacts with feel about her is something that never crosses her mind. And that's probably a good thing, because her flighty nature & extreme curiosity is EXTREMELY ANNOYING to most people.

Feelings on Mission
She wants to fulfill the mission because that is what Flora tells her to do & what Dr. Hikari wanted her to do. However, she doesn't have a massive drive towards it because her attention span just isn't that focused. She views the fighting & scoring as a game, not as seriously as Flora wants her to.

Feelings on Humans/Cyborgs

She wants to poke & prod at humans & cyborgs...or anything that isn't an angel. Heck, she'd poke & prod at the other angels, too! Anything that isn't herself is very interesting. This doesn't mean that she has any emotional barriers, however--if Flora directed her to, she would definitely shoot to kill.

Feelings on Dr. Hikari
Chloris adores the doctor & always refers to him as "Dr. Papa." She fondly remembers playing in his lab & being shown special experiments. She did not actually witness the doctor's death, as she was undergoing maintenance at the time of the attack. Flora provided a much gentler version of the doctor's death & fiercely prevents Chloris from learning the truth from anyone else. This is not too difficult, as she insists on talking about the doctor as if he is still alive.

Feelings on Angels
Somehow, she wants to be around the other angels & learn more about them, but has no qualms with fighting them. She thinks it's okay to be "friends" (a human concept she finds very intriguing but clearly does not understand) & still fight that person when fused.

Feelings on Synomate
Chloris gets bored by Flora's nagging, but she really depends on him even if she doesn't realize it. She doesn't seem actually have a separate consciousness--without Flora's instructions, Chloris seems even more like a small child with ADHD. She does somewhat resent his grumpy attitude, though, & always wants to cheer him up. She views Flora as a toy, while Flora views Chloris as his disobedient property. It causes some conflict, but Chloris doesn't take it seriously. Overall, she doesn't mind his constant commentary because he's always been there, talking to her.

In so many ways, she seems like an innocent child, but she has absolutely no qualms with following Flora's violent instructions; the morality of the issue isn't a concern for her at all.





Maximum Achieved Sephiroth Level Angel
Alignment Pillar of SEVERITY // This was not necessarily Chloris' choice, but a result of Flora's influence.

Special Attack
MUTE Defense


Hit Points 300
Special Damage 40
Melee Damage 20
Speed 10

Experience Points Zero 





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